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Which is the best online site to learn the French language?

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Answer by Valeriy Platonov:

The best means making a choice by certain criteria.
The following types of criteria (types of rating) of courses are known:
1 – compliance to the standards (pedagogical, technological, management, administration, etc.) developed by different communities
2 – compliance to requirements and demands of the consumer, usually in business
3 – a type of superiority over any known characteristics and even emergence of new characteristics in informal training
Therefore criteria of the best are very individualized (personalized) depend on the customer and consumer goals and course quality should be described by multiple model.
From our point of view, the best courses always include the activity, motivating approach based on languages practical usage. In our online courses catalog we have courses which can be used on travel with mobile phone.
French Countries and Traditions, Babbel, Lesson Nine GmbH
French Beginner’s Courses, Babbel, Lesson Nine GmbH

Which is the best online site to learn the French language?


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